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C Lab & Co.

Made from 100% natural ingredients this unique blend of 'just cracked' roasted and ground coffee and oils, formulated into an easy to use scrub to target cellulite, scars and skin imperfections. Brought to you in a handy, user friendly 330g tub.


Cafe Skin Scrub

The most badass coffee scrub on the block! Made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients - not laced with sugar. Is here to target cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections. Endorsed by the modern day hipster who know the true benefits of the Arabica bean and suitable for all who are keen to shower with the revolution that is coffee scrub.


The Goat Skincare

Our permeate FREE gentle soaps, moisturisers, body washs, shampoo and conditioners are filled with pure, natural ingredients, sustainable palm oil and fresh ethically farmed Australian goat’s milk.

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Pure Paw Paw

Made with fresh Australian fermented fruit. Pure Paw Paw Ointment saves your skin as it sooths and smooths. Suitable for dry, cracked and chapped lips and skin. Now also available with flavour! Its as Paw Paw as it gets!

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The Bronzer

This much loved Australian self-tanning brand has been around for over 15 years. As one of the first to launch a wash-off Instant Tan in the late 90’s, The Bronzer secured its position in the market as a high quality self-tan product that worked and delivered a realistic summer colour that lasted.
Available in an “one night only” Instant Tan, a week long lasting Self Tan and our new Gradual Tan.

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